Laura Aldofredi is an Italian animator and illustrator based in Amsterdam, specialized in 2d animation and editorial illustration for children.

She likes to combine heartwarming stories and sophisticated designs in her visual projects. Animation is what she loves the most, but she enjoys bringing a story to life also through editorial and corporate illustration.

She believes every creative project is a challenge for new design and storytelling possibilities. That’s why she’s always up for new unpredictable projects to explore.

Laura graduated as a MA in Animation at AKV St. Joost (Netherlands) and as a MA with honors in Editorial Illustration at Ars in Fabula (Italy).

Right now Laura is based in Amsterdam and she is working in the animation industry as production coordinator and director. She also keeps working as an illustrator.
She’s currently coordinating a 2d feature film production and directing several animated commercials.


GameHouse Europe
Gold Lunula LLC